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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Android 5.0 is going to be Presented at Google I/O

Posted by Shaifur Rahaman
Android 5.0 is introduced in the upcoming Google I/O Conference. It is no more rumors, It has been confirmed by Sundar Pichi. He revealed in the interview of the Bloomberg Businessweek that “I want the world to understand what we are doing sooner”. The newspaper is confirming that Google will finally go to present their Android 5.0 next version of at the upcoming Google I/O annual conference of developers. The Google I/O developer conference is going to start tomorrow morning at 9 am in the San Francisco.

There is no confirmation about then name of next version indeed will be called Lollipop or else other. Tough, We are guessing the name, It could be. However, This is the biggest news on the Android World. Many phone manufacturers had hoped and sought that Android 5.0 will not present such sooner as considering last update of KITKAT 4.4, some weeks ago Kitkat has been announced.

But the manufacturers should be happy because, They are getting a new update soon and it will have more extra and new features like Android Design, Android TV, New wearable platform, Android Wear and more feature will figure at the line up for upcoming I/O conferences, so The best operating system is going to provide some excellent backdrop.

So it is confirmed that the next update of Android will pick the majority of the mobile operating system world over the next week. The best operating system is going to provide some excellent backdrop.

However, Hope We will bring all updates, details, analysis of the upcoming Google I/O Conference. So get connected with us on Facebook | Google+ | Twitter

Do you think the next version of Android will call Lollipop? Or What do you think the next version of Android will be called? Share your opinion.
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Top 5 Free Android Apps You Should Download

Through the post you will get Most Rated and Top Free Android Apps of The Week. Here are 5 Free Android Apps for Download. Those all Free Android Apps you should download. We have made this post for finding out top android apps for people. It is a boring thing and not snap that, find out top android apps from android apps market place.

Friday, June 13, 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 Live Streaming with Opening Ceremony for Android and PC

Posted by Shaifur Rahaman
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Live Streaming of all matches with opening ceremony will be arranged here. Brazil FIFA 2014 World Cup is kicking off on 12 June (Today) and the moment is so exciting. Everyone waiting with a lot of hopes for their team. May, Time is not going away. However, Football lovers will not miss any of matches of this world cup and may it is not possible to watch all time with TV, So We will give you an opportunity to watch all those matches with your android, PC/computer, iPhone, blackberry or other devices. All devices will support this live streaming. We will never let you to miss a kick.

In this world cup, total 64 matches will be played and all of those matches live streaming has been provided here. We have also given a post about How to watch FIFA World Cup 2014 on Your Android, There’s some apps and website where FIFA Brazil 2014 world cup analysis, videos, highlights and others will be found. However, The First Match of this tournament will be started in 12 and in this match, Brazil and Croatia will be faced. Let’s get the live streaming of all matches and FIFA world cup 2014 opening ceremony live streaming also given here.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Live Streaming with Opening ceremony for Android, Windows and other all devices: We will give you the live streaming and sources where are given the live streaming of matches and the opening ceremony. Let’s catch it:

FIFA World Cup 2014 Opening Ceremony and all matches live streaming with Sony Six:

Here we are giving the online live streaming of Sony six where you will be able to watch the opening ceremony and matches of FIFA Brazil 2014 World Cup. Sony Six is broadcasting FIFA 2014. This channel is showing free live streaming of all matches and practice sessions. So, No more talking, let’s move to below for getting it: 


Live Streaming of Openning Ceremony and Matches in FIFA 2014 World Cup with 

FIFA TV will also live streaming all matches online. You will get all live update videos from this official tv of FIFA. They publish what is correctly happening in the field. So you will get live streaming of the opening ceremony and matches from this as well. It will stream high quality videos and there is no chances to be this site down. And there you will get some extra opportunities as this is the official tv of FIFA. So no more waiting, click on below link and get the live stream.

All matches live streaming with opening ceremony from BTV World: 

BTV is a tv channel from Bangladesh and it streams their Tv to whole the world with BTV World. This channel will also live stream all the matches and opening ceremony. Even, it is the national TV channel of Bangladesh. However, If you desire, then, you can watch these matches from this channel. So, let’s get the live streaming: Click below link to reach it:

So, Choice one from above three ways of live streaming and watch this event. Hope, This helps everyone. If one of three doesn’t work, then try another. Thanks to all and don’t forget to share this post.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

How to Take Screenshots on Android Phone or Tablet without apps for 4.0 above

Posted by Shaifur Rahaman
How to take screenshots on Android Phone or Tablet without apps for 4.0 and above Android OS, the tricks of it has been cleared here. To Take Screenshots with Android is a simple thing. It has made hard and without root and apps, It couldn't available to be done. But there is a secret trick to take screenshots on Android. Although, it is not known to all and it's not known as popular. Here are all the ways to take screenshots on Android Phones of all versions such as 4.0 up 4.0 below.

If you are using 4.0 up Android Operating System, then you will get the built in Screenshots taking feature from Google. However, let’s look up at How to take Screenshots with Android Phone / Tablet:

How to take screenshots on Android 4.0 and up OS:

If you are correctly using the above version of 4.0 then you will get the best, easiest way for taking screenshots with Android. Google made it built in on all of 4.0 + versions, so you will not require to install any apps to do it. You will require to press some buttons to take a screenshot. Below I have given a screenshot which is taken from my android phone that is running on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 OS:

How to Take Screenshots on Android Phone, My Screenshot example

The screenshot was more bigger, I resized it to 300*500. 
Anyway, Let’s see, How I did it? 
  1. First Unlock Your Android Device 
  2. Then, Press Power key and Volume key at the same time together. 
  3. If it doesn’t work first time then try it more and if everything goes correctly then screenshot will be captured. 
If screenshots get captured successfully, then you will get a message in the notification bar named “Screenshot captured”. The screenshot you have taken will be saved in the Gallery named app on the menu.

How to take screenshots on Non-Rooted Android 2.3 or below OS: 

It is sad news that, Unfortunately, Google didn’t include the Screenshot feature built-in on Android 2.3 below OS. Though, Some devices have this feature like Samsung. If you press the power button and volume button together, then it will work with Samsung and some other companies. But, will you can’t get the access to capture screenshots if you are using 2.3 Android below OS and its non-rooted? This answer is could be NO. Though, It adds some extra things to take screenshot with it.

However, There is an android app name No Root Screenshot It. I said in the above that, to do with this app, you will have to do some extra task. Such as: You will need to connect computer if you use this app to capture screenshots and after connecting computer, if your phone goes to off, then again need to connect PC. After all, you will be able to capture screenshots with Android which is great. However, We have already added an article regarding How to use this app and download it. Let’s get it from below link:

No Root Screenshot It apk download

Download this app and install it on your android, It's the only way to take screenshot from non-rooted 2.3 below android OS.

How to take screenshot on Rooted Android 2.3 and below: 

After Rooting Android Phone, You will get some more accesses and there are many apps to capture screenshots with rooted devices. Those apps need some extra access that’s why those are only getting installed on rooted phone. If you are a rooted user then you can also flash a Custom ROM where screenshots feature has been already built-in. One of these Android Custom ROM is: “CyanogenMod”.

Again, you could be able to take screenshots with Android apps like “Screenshot UX” and “Screenshot It”. These apps will make your android to capture screen shots. Follow our above described instructions to take screenshots with Android phones, according to your Android device. Hope it helps. Enjoying with screen shots. 
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Sunday, June 8, 2014

How to Update Your Walton Primo V1 to KitKat 4.4.2 Android

Posted by Shaifur Rahaman
Good News for Walton Primo V1 Users. Now you can, Update Your Android Phone to Android OS Version 4.4.2 KitKat. Walton decided to let Primo v1 users new updated KitKat operating system. Walton Developers customized and edited the KitKat Os and made it as new firmware of Primo V1.  It is correctly running on beta version and it is the first time to let kitkat to upgrade in Walton Primo Series.

Walton Primo V1

It is certainly good news for Primo B1 users that, you are getting KitKat OS, which is updated with a lot of new features than JellyBean. However, You will not need to do much tasks, just will have to follow some instructions. It is not too much harder.

Important Note: To Upgrade it to KitKat, you must need a Computer/Laptop/PC and We will not claim if your phone brick/damage while doing it by a mistake.

Anyway, Let’s move to update your device to a look world. Take a look at below to catch it:

How to Update Your Walton Primo V1 to Kitkat 4.4.2 Android: 

First Step: 

At first, you need to download Primo V1 4.4.2 Firmware, Flash tool and driver of Walton (If you already have Walton Driver then it doesn’t need) Download Firmware and Flashtool from here:
Download Walton Primo V1 Firmware and Flash Tool

Second Step: 

Install Walton USB Driver by clicking on “Install” from Folder named Driver.

Third Step:  

Open Flash Tool (Flash_tool.exe file from flash tools folder) 

Other Steps:  

  1. Set Scatter-loading (“MT6592_Android_scatter.txt “file from “Firmware” folder) 
  2. Select “Firmware upgrade” from dropdown menu.
  3. Click on “Download” 
  4. Connect USB cable & insert battery. 
Update Walton Primo V1 to KitKat 4.4.2
There will  start SW Upgrading and After waiting a few seconds, there will show “ Download OK “  with green icon.
Update Walton Primo V1 to KitKat 4.4.2
That’s all. Now Your Android phone will be upgraded to Android Operating System KitKat 4.4.2. Enjoy this Android OS and get new and extra features. Thanks to Walton Devs .   
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Saturday, June 7, 2014

How to watch FIFA World Cup 2014 on Android - Live Streaming

Posted by Shaifur Rahaman
FIFA World Cup 2014 Live Streaming on Android has been given here. The FIFA 2014 Brazil World Cup is coming up and it will be started on 12th June, 2014 and this will be running until 13th July. At this event, total 64 matches are going to be played. May be you are thinking to watch all the matches of your favorite team or that team you are supporting. There are Free Android Apps and websites as well to let you for watching all matches.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Live Streaming on Android

These apps and websites are ready with live streaming, videos, analysis, highlights, scores, braking news, "Wow" Moments, Super Goals, Important things of matches and others. Here We will show some apps and websites that give the live streaming of FIFA World Cup 2014. Now, however, you can enjoy all matches of this tournament with Android as well as computer also. Anyway, We are giving here some websites and android apps to best stream of this world cup. So let’s get it:

How to watch FIFA World Cup 2014 on Android - Live Streaming:

ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup: 

It is the first app here that will stream all the matches of FIFA World Cup 2014 free. This app will streaming whole the FIFA World Cup 2014 and it will analysis and updates all the breaking news, highlights, news, goal updates, matches result of this tournament. It has a good rating on Google Play and more ratings going on. It is a free Android app, So You can install it from below link and stay updated with FIFA.
Google Play Link
Direct APK Download Link


It is the official website of FIFA and their authority will free stream all matches of this event and they will update all videos, highlights and others firstly on their website. You will must get better live stream from this site than others. FIFA is converging all matches on this site. They are ready to stream all 64 matches there. With this website, you will be able to watch the opening ceremony, matches results, hot news, highlights, and all the “wow” moments, super goals, important clips, previews and others of this world cup
It is not right that, you can’t watch these from Android Based Phone like Smartphones/Tablets, it is available to be watched with Android as well as computer. So let’s get started with FIFATV.
FIFATV on official website
FIFATV on Youtube

Wiziwig TV : 

This also has no apps, but it doesn’t mean, you can’t watch those matches live streaming with Android phone/Tablet. Visiting the website, you will push ahead to get all that I described about FIFATV. It is also ready to free stream all those matches of FIFA World Cup 2014. Click here for getting this website.

Choice either websites of the above or listen to the above Android app to get FIFA world cup 2014 live streaming on Android, its your matter. Both are almost same but, as there is FIFA Official website then you should look up at this. Have you planned to watch FIFA World Cup 2014’s all matches? What you plan?
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Samsung bringing Galaxy S5 Prime - Enhanced Version of S5 (Pictures Leaked)

Posted by Shaifur Rahaman
Samsung is looking for Galaxy S5 Prime and this company hopes, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is not sufficiently high-end and enough qualified. Galaxy S5 was their latest flagship Android device which was being most popular and it was rocking very fine.  As this Korean company thinks, Galaxy S5 is not enough qualified so they are looking for Galaxy S5 Prime that is going to be an improved version of S5, known by a source. According to that source, it will be called S5 Prime and Samsung is still working on for this mobile.

Today, here, we will show some photos of this phone that make you to believe about this. At first, Out There were hearing rumors about S5 Prime but Now Galaxy S5 Prime pictures have leaked as the first time. According to so far all of rumors, info and news of S5 Prime, It can be announced officially within the half session of next month, that means, We all have to wait about 1 months for the official announcement.(As pictures leaked according to rumors so now we have to trust in those rumors).

So, After waiting almost another mouth, we will be able to know details about what are in Galaxy S5 Prime.
The leaked info are saying, Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is going to feature a metallic frame made of aluminum. As there are Similarity between Galaxy S5 and S5 Prime so it will look a little bit similar.

If you take a closer look, Galaxy S5 Prime will look wider and thicker than original S5. Besides, in pictures showing, the speaker is moved from backside to the downside. Though the backside still looking like the original S5. It can be possible that, Galaxy S5 Prime will bring a Quad HD display, snapdragon 805 Processor and 3 Gigabyte (GB) RAM, accordingly rumors. It may be, before the original release, Samsung will make it, with a completely redesigned back cover.

If you have brought Samsung Galaxy S5 recently, may you can be disappointed or you are looking for buying it? Then you can wait for a month to get gimmicks.
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Give Your Android, Samsung Galaxy S5's Look!

Posted by Shaifur Rahaman
With the given post, these below questions will be answered:  Such as-
  • How to Make My Android like Galaxy S5 
  • Can I make My Android device like Samsung Galaxy S5? 
  • How can I make My Android Mobile like S5? 
  • What are the ways to make Android device like Galaxy S5? And others. 

As, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is roaring over the world, So everyone is interested about this device and a lot of users are willing to buy it and get it. But, Where Simple users will go? Will they not be able to use it?
Yep, May they can’t use it, but there are also ways to make their simple Android like Samsung Galaxy S5.

We all know, There is no end of peoples' interests about Samsung's New flagship Galaxy S5. However, Now if you just want, you can convert Your Android device interface like Samsung Galaxy S5. So let’s move to the point of how doing it:

How to Make Your Android device like Samsung Galaxy S5:

Samsung Galaxy S5 Wallpaper

Samsung Galaxy S5’s Live Wallpaper: 

So, To Do this, Let’s start with Wallpaper. Download the Samsung Galaxy S5 Live Wallpapers from listening link and Install it on your Android Device. In that app has a few wallpapers that were in galaxy s5. Select one and start getting flavor of s5. 

Galaxy S5’s Finger Print Lock: 

It won’t work on your Android device, because without galaxy s5 it doesn’t support on other Android devices and Your Android device may doesn’t have finger print lock. But it will show like Galaxy S5’s finger lock, So you can install it and let it show to your friends.
Download Direct Apk from Computer
Download from Android/Mobile

Galaxy S5’s Launcher: 

There are no substitutes of Galaxy S5 launcher to give Your Android Mobile look like true S5. So download and install to grab it. Click on below following link to download it:
Download Direct Apk from Computer/PC
Download from Android/Mobile

Galaxy S5’s Ringtone: 

Why it does have, left as all things on Your Android Device has converted like Galaxy S5? So download it and set one of those as ringtone on your device.
Download Direct Apk from Computer
Download from Android Device/Mobile

Nothing else for this, Hope you are enjoying your device as like as Samsung galaxy s5. Thanks and don’t forget to share this if it works.
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