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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

iOS 7 Custom Rom for Symphony Xplorer W68

Posted by Shaifur Rahaman
Here is iOS 7 Custom Rom for Symphony Xplorer w68 Android Device. This Android Phone is the most popular device in the Symphony phones arena. Even, It has also top popularity in Bangladesh Markets. Although the price of it in low range, but about the features, It has a lot!

iOS 7 Custom Rom

So Here, Today I brought a Custom that is Blends to Symphony Xplorer W68 and it is also suitable for this device, The name of this Custom Rom is, iOS7 . May you already approximated or imagined that this Custom Rom will be looking like iOS 7 or Iphone. Yep, you will get design like iOS 7 from this. It will make your Android device just like iOS 7.  So why more waiting? Let's move to get it:

iOS 7 Custom Rom for Symphony Xplorer W68:

Here you can download this custom Rom for your device Symphony Xplorer W68. Click on Download Button to order the download. 
Free Android Apps Download Button
Very Important Note: We will not claim, If your Android Device gets damaged after installing it. Please install it carefully and Take your risk yourself. 

Features of it: 

  1. iPhone Dial Pad: you will get dial pad as like as iPhone gives. 
  2. iOS 7 Launcher: After installing it you will be able to get iOS 7's launcher. 
  3. All of System Like quite iOS 7: It means, After installing it, you will get your android device's fully like iOS 7. 
  4. It supports Double SIM.
  5. And Many features. 

How to Install it:

Here We added some steps to install this custom Rom.
  1. Download This Custom Rom from above and save it to Memory Card (Don't put it to any folder)
  2. Switch On your device with Recovery Mode
  3. Then Wipe Data or Factory Reset and Wipe Partition  
  4. Go to Mounts and Storage and Format system/cache/data.
  5. Now Click on Install From SD card and select this Rom and Choice Yes.
  6. After Installing Rom, Restart your Android Device. 
  7. May it will take a little bit much time to be opened, your device first time after installing Custom Rom.
  8. Keep it mind: your device must be rooted to install this Custom Rom. To root it check, How to Root Symphony W68 Android Phone or Device

Screenshots of This Custom Rom:
iOS 7 Custom Rom for Symphony Xplorer W68

iOS 7 Custom Rom for Symphony Xplorer W68

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

How to Root Symphony W68 Android Phone or Device

Posted by Shaifur Rahaman
Here is tutorial about How to Root Symphony W68 Mobile. It is the one of their most popular devices. W68 named model of Symphony got rocked on Android Mobile Markets. Even it was their best phone considering about marketing. However, We don’t want to explain further about this device. Although, This phone is most popular, but there is no any way to Root it easily. Rooting this device is hard as far as it's popularity. Moreover, Today I will describe how to root Symphony W68 easily and without doing the tough work.

Important Note: if you root your device, you phone warranty will be prohibited. Please, before rooting your device, know about it. We will not claim if your device gets damaged after rooting. Take risk yourself. Again, I want to say that, Please learn about Android Rooting before doing it.

How to Root Symphony W68 Android Phone or Device:

Let's start to know about the main topic of this post; look up below:
How to Root Symphony W68


How to root with PC or How to root having Computer: 

If you have a PC you should try with these steps
  1. Connect your Android Device with Computer through Data Cable. But Keep it mind, Don’t Select USB Storage 
  2. Now find out Settings option from Your Android Phone Then tap to Developer Options. After it, on USB Debugging. 
  3. After Connecting Your Device with PC, There will be starting New Hardware Found.
  4. Use Android ADB Driver software as Driver for New Hardware. Download it from below link and Install it on Your Computer. Android ADB Drive Download Link.
  5. Now Download W68 Root Toolkit from below link and extract it. Download link of W68 Root Toolkit. 
  6. After extracting it, Double click on run.bat file. If it opens, press any key. 
  7. If all rights, You will see rooting process. After Completing the process your device will restart. 
  8. Now your Android Mobile is Rooted. Another thing, If your Android gets root successfully, Then you will see an app named Superuser. 

How to root without using Computer: 

If you don’t have a computer, you can try these points to root your Symphony W68 device. Here some lines that will root your device and you can do this easily. With an Android app you can root your device. Let’s start:
  • First, Go to settings and click on Developer options. After it, on USB Debugging.
  • Then Download Framearoot from below link. Download link of Framaroot-1.6.1.apk 
  • Now Install it and Open it.
  • Then Select SuperSu and Click on Boromir.

Now restart your mobile. After opening your device, you will see the Supeuser app in the application list. If you get it, your device has been rooted successfully.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Not only CPU and RAM look also GPU before buying an Android Device

Posted by Shaifur Rahaman
Generally, Many of us just look how much GB or MB of RAM, What Cores of CPU and how much GHz of clock speed while buying an Android Device. Almost users like to play games and some of users buy Android Device for playing games. Playing games opportunity is the special and the best advantage of Android. But gaming performance of Android Device doesn't depend on only these things. It depends on below, there things let's take a look:
  • Quality of RAM 
  • Cores of CPU 
  • And the Power of GPU (Graphics processing unit). 
Toady We will describe and explain about some colossal used GPU. Let's start:

Some Low quality’s GPU: 

Here are some GPUs that are considered in low class let’s see:
Powervr sgk 531, Mali 400, VideoCore IV and Adreno 203/220. Above these features are common in the low class GPUs.

Common features of these:  

  1. Open Gl ES: Yes, 2.0 
  2. DirectX: No available 
  3. Open VG: 1.1 
  4. Open CL: N/A  
These are very common features in low class GPU. Without these features you will get further features on the internet. But I am writing with experience easily.

Details About Powervr sgk 531 GPU:

it is very old and it's not used much. Although it is Old, but the gaming performance of it, is better than the other three. It supports almost HD games such as NFS Most Wanted. But Because of low Clock Speed some games cag get slow while playing. However, clock speed of ultra version is high. 

Mali 400 GPU:

It is now most used GPU. It is in the first rank of most using GPUs. As low price, the gaming performance of this, is really very good and it also has high clock speed. It supports almost HD games of present time like Asphalt 8 airborne, but it does not support some HD Games such as NFS Most Wanted. Moreover, for low price mobiles it is the best and there are not any GPU like this.

VideoCore IV GPU: 

The Video encoding and gaming performance of it, is a little bit less than Mali 400 GPU such as, if mali 400 gpu gets 100 then it will get 90. According to Mali 400 GPU, Those games (that does not support in mali 400 GPU) also does not support in VideoCore IV GPU.

Adreno 203/220 GPU: 

I feel angry if I remember about this because, it does not support any particular HD games. Some common games also not run on this GPU such as The Island Castaway.

Middle Quality GPU:  

Powervr sgk 544: 

Features of it: Open GL ES: 2.0, DirectX: 9.0 L3, Open VG: 1.1, Open CL: 1.1

Details: Presently it is used in all almost good quality android devices. Because, all games of Till now released are supported in this GPU. If you want to buy Android Device for playing games, then maximum buy an Android device that is using this GPU

Mali 450:

Some features of it: Open GL ES: 2.0 DirectX: No available Open VG: 1.1 Open CL: No Available
Details: Some of the octa core processor, Android devices are being used by the Mali 450 GPU. This GPU is double of Mali 400 yet, it does not support some games. So you should not buy android device with just seeing Octa core (8 core) or Hexa core (16 core) processor. 

High level GPU: 

Powervr G6200:

Features: Open GL ES: 3.1 | Open GL: 3.2 | DirectX: 10.0 | Open VG: 1.1 | Open CL: 1.2 2.

Mali T604:

Features: Open GL ES: 3.0,   Open GL: N/A,    DirectX: 11.0,   Open VG: 1.1,   Open CL: 1.1 3.

Arena 320/330

 • Open GL ES: 3.0 • Open GL: N/A • DirectX: 9.0c • Open VG: 1.1 • Open CL: 1.2

You will get, super performance from All of this leveled GPU. Without it, there are some extreme class GPU, We have nothing to say about those.
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5’s Original Live Wallpaper Download

Posted by Shaifur Rahaman
Here is Samsung Galaxy S5’s Original Live Wallpaper and it is ready to be downloaded. However, This phone is now Hot news on Android Arena. People are finding the latest, new and updated news of it. All people’s eyes are now looking for this and all are waiting for this Android Mobile. Samsung is the king of Android Manufacturers. We have made an article about Samsung Galaxy S5 to take look for this.

Samsung Galaxy S5’s Original Live Wallpaper

Samsung Galaxy S 5 Release Date, Specs and Features- Coming Up on 24 February

However, Come to the real point. To get this mobile wallpaper’s taste without using it, may this post will help and give you an awesome experience. Follow Below lines to Download it.

Samsung Galaxy S5’s Original Live Wallpaper Download:

Samsung Galaxy S5’s Original Live Wallpaper

Here is the download link of it, just click on below link and be ready to get it! 

Details of This Live Wallpaper: 

This Wallpaper supports on all new android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, Nexus 7, HTC Desire One and Sony Xperia Z as well as it is also supported in other older devices. Important note: this is not made by Samsung and it is not endorsed by Samsung. It will run all devices where 2.1 and up to 2.1 Android Operating System is installed. The developer of this app requested to let him know if this wallpaper don’t support on your Android device.

Instead of this wallpaper’s photo you can also use your own images too! To do it, you will need to enable “Custom Photo” on the settings screen. Follow below instructions to enable Custom Photo. 
Home---- Menu------Walpapers------Live Wallpapers.

A little bit sad news, They added some ads on the settings page to get inspiration for creating more free great live wallpapers. Those ads will support and help the developer of this app. It is not a problem those ads will only show on settings page not to others. So Hopefully It will not create any troubles.
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Oppo Find 7 Review - 50 Mega Pixels Camera on Android Smartphone

Posted by Shaifur Rahaman
Nokia had made 41 Mega Pixels Camera, Now China’s Smartphone manufacturer company Oppo released Oppo Find 7 called Android based Smartphone that have 50 mega pixels resolutions powerful camera. Through a news Technology based website CNET revealed this info.

Oppo Find 7

Though the primary camera of this phone only 13 mega pixels but, super zoom mode of it can combine 10 pictures together and can show 50 mega pixel pictures. Nokia Lumia 1020 model’s Smartphone has 41 mega pixels camera where maximum 38 resolution pictures were available to capture.

Oppo claimed, in 5.5 inch sized display included Smartphone Oppo find 7, 4k video slow motion videos will be able to capture. It has LED Flash on the back and 5 mega pixels camera in the front. In this Smartphone also has qHD display panel where 2560 by 1880 pixels pictures are shown, but Now markets have 1920 by 1080 pixels which is comparatively very down from this.

Oppo Find 7

It has 538 pixel density per inch which is much improved than other market’s Smartphones. Only Vivo Z Play 3 S has used qHD display, which was released to markets in the last year. Samsung can use this screen in one of Galaxy S5 updates.

It is also getting Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Operating System. Qualcomm MSM8974AC Snapdragon 801 Processor will use in this phone. 32 GB Internal Memory and 3 GB RAM are also growing into it. Another good news for mobile internet users that, It will have supported 4 G network speed as well as 3G also. The browser supports HTML5 and Adreno 330 GPU included in it. Li-PO 3000 mAh battery also added. Bad news for Radio listener because, it has no radio, but you can listen radio live with high speed internet speed 4G or 3G.
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Friday, March 21, 2014

Walton Primo ZX Price announced 30,990 TK Officially

Posted by Shaifur Rahaman
Walton Primo ZX price announced 30,990 officially on the yesterday night through their official Facebook fan page. I think, As considering features of this Android Based Smartphone Price is alright. We were also expecting and hoping price as like as they fixed.

Primo ZX was the best feature-able and configure-able phone of Walton even it is still keeping their right position. To check this phone specs and feature check out my posted article.

Walton Primo ZX Features, Reviews, Specifications and Price

The special features of this phone are, 3 GB Awesome RAM, 16 Mega Pixels Powerful Camera, 2.26 GHz Quad-core stronger Processor and 8 Megapixels front Camera. It will come with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Operating System. It had colossal, powerful features. Walton also made a lot of records through this phone.

Walton Primo ZX

Walton didn’t shy to bring up powerful feature in this phone as well as other phones. Primo arena of Walton is now fully shined and they titled the brilliant story of Walton Primo. It was not comparable to other Bangladeshi made phones. Walton is the one and only phone manufacturing company that made such feature-able Android Smartphone.

You know Walton already revealed the price of this phone so let’s take a look at below to know details about the price.

  • Price in BD: 30,990 TAKA
  • Price in US Dollar: 400
Hopefully, This phone will do better after releasing to all markets. Though it has released in some special markets. It will also get in some particular Walton Showroom. After announcing specs of this phone, all was discussing about this phone and this phone was most popular and hot news.

All seemed the price will be fixed 35000+ but it is lower than it and it comes with only 30,990 TK which is lower than expected. It will be released in First half of April, 2014. Hands on experience of Primo ZX is now available in Walton Plaza Bashundhara City.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Walton Primo H3 Full Specs, Features, Details, Hands on Reviews and Price

Posted by Shaifur Rahaman
Walton Primo H3
Walton Primo H3 has just been announced by Walton through a Facebook status from their official page and Walton Primo H3 Specs, Features, Details and Reviews also published and hopefully price will be revealed soon. It will get released End of April, 2014 (approximately). This is a new discleared Android Based Smartphone from this popular, top and believable company.

They are bringing up all impressive features on these Smartphones particularly, in Primo Series. These awesome features really catch and stringing people minds. Walton also considers about price and they are strongly aware about price. This company brings colossal , powerful and stronger products. According to New smartphones Primo V1, Primo S2 and Primo ZX from Walton, It has also those unbelievable and powerful features.

Really Walton don’t shy to bring up Smartphones with Georges or attractive features. With filling before faults they also include some new features. Over the 2013 years they brought many new phones and after that year and new year 2014 came up and they started their continually works, bringing up top quality Smartphones. Recent 3 Android based Smartphones are really awesome and colossal qualityful.

I hope that, Walton will not make us disappoint and they will discover considerable and cheap price for Walton Primo H3. I seek, this phone will come to Bangladeshi Markets soon. It will make with more core, extra power, colossal performance. It will have 1.3 GHz Quad core processor and 4.7 inch IPS qHD awesome display. In this phone also will be include 1 GB RAM. No more describing, let’s move to reveal all features and specs of this phone from a brave and top Bangladeshi Company.

Walton Primo H3 Full Specs, Features, Details, Hands on Reviews and Price: 

Walton Primo H3

Here we are going to introduce all features, specs and details of this phone with you. Many Guys like GSMArena’s specs, but Walton still don’t reach GSMArena or PhoneArena yet so find more in this article hopefully will get more interest than these popular sites.

Walton Primo H3 Highlights Specs, Features, Details, Hands on Reviews:

  • Powerful 1.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor gets to this phone. 
  • Super quality 1 GB RAM includes. 
  • Qualityful 4.7 inch IPS qHD display 
  • Awesome and Updated Operatting System Jelly Bean 4.2.2 added. 
  • Smart Answer mode and Pause Alarm new features get into the phone. 
  • 8+2 Mega Pixels Camera.
Now take a look at full specs.

Basic and Common Information: 

Recently Updated and Top Operating System Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Powerful and Stronger 1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor.
GPU: Mali 400 Awesome and high 1GB RAM. Big and Long 8 GB Phone or Set or Internal Memory storage spaces that helps to keep huge things. 
Expandable memory up to 32GB Also have the ability to be expanded up to 32 GB so no problems after getting full of internal memory storage or specs you can use new memory. It has both Dual Card, Dual Standby Sim slots. 

About Network:

Walton includes UMTS+GSM network types in this phone. 
Network band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, UMTS 900/2100 MHz
3G support, but not 4G. Others 
Network speed: GPRS / EDGE/ 3G / HSPA+

About Display and Screen:

4.7 inches qHD awesome and qualityful display is included in this phone which is looking pretty and it has a screen resolution of 960*540 pixels. It supports 16.7 million colors. It is a touch capacitive screen and an IPS type display.

Camera, Videos and Images power: 

Sensors: CMOS
It gets 8.0 Mega pixels BSI Camera that has Auto focus. 
Front camera: BSI 2.0 Mega pixels. 
While you will get ready for recording video then you will be able to capture Full HD (1080p) (1920x1080) pixels videos.
Flash is saying: Yes

Details about Multimedia: 

We can say that surely that it opens 1080p Full HD Video playback.
Radio: Support with recorder 

Connectivity features: 

WLAN b/g/n (Wi-Fi), Bluetooth V4, Micro USB V2, WLAN Hotspot 


It has Accelerometer (3D) Motion sensors, Light (Brightness) Environment sensors, Proximity Position sensor, Orientation and Compass sensors.

GPS module: 

GPS with A-GPS network-assisted GPS navigation function 

Battery’s Capacity: 

1800mAh Lithium-ion battery type 1800mAh capacity of this battery that can get to say powerful. 

Weight and Dimension:

Weight: 143.24g (with battery) Dimension: 134.5 X 67.8 X 8.05 mm 

Special Features: 

  1. Shake to change music 
  2. Smart answer
  3.  Pause alarm 
  4. Over turn mute

Extra hands on Review:

4.7 Inch IPS Display: 

Walton Primo H3

Get the ultimate entertainment in your 4.7 inch IPS screen with qHD (960*540) resolution that supports 16.7 million colors.

Stronger CPU: 

Walton Primo H3

Ride on your fast 1.3 GHz Quad core processor in Primo H3 and have a taste of seamless multitasking and colossal gaming experience which is even more exciting with the superior graphics. It is the strongest memory of 1 GB handles processes smooth and bring everything in real time.

Capture Your moments:

Walton Primo H3

Bring your memorable events into frame with the 8 Mega pixels, autofocus camera and shoot Full HD video at its best. Enjoy video chatting and call with 2 mega pixels front camera to make the chatting more alive. 

Sweet Jelly Bean OS: 

Walton Primo H3

Jellybean is more delicious with Android 4.2.2 as it is more powerful, authentic, attractive and interesting. Get introduced with new wireless display, daydream, expandable notifications and many more to explore the power of Android.

Let the music play: 

Walton Primo H3

Primo H3 comes with 8 GB internal storage and supports 32 GB external micro SD card which will enable more space for your favorite music and video. Enjoy the music with its best with ultra performance, music and swap the music anytime with just by shaking. Mix up the beat of music with tap of a finger and listen the FM radio whenever you have a commute.

Be Connected Locally and Globally:

Walton Primo H3

Get Connected with your Primo H3 with infinitive freedom. Transfer files easily with your high speed Bluetooth adapter. Connect anywhere with wireless 802.11 b/g/n technologies. GPS sensors will help you to navigate and position in any part of the world. Also the pre loaded social network apps like Facebook, twitter and fiber allows you to stay connected with your beloved ones.

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